West Wales 4x4 Group

John Davies

John Davies

In December 1986 fine local land rover owner had an informal off road day, and afterwards it was decided to hold a proper off road event the next month. For some reason everyone looked at me and so the first West Wales 4x4 Group trial took place at Tanymynydd Farm in January 1987.

Since then there have been many trials on the steep rocky ground of the Mynydd, and I hope more to come. Over the years there have been many highs and lows for West Wales 4x4 Group, however the lowest must have been the trial in early 1988 when only three competitors, one marshal and one spectator attended, not even the Clerk of Course turned up. Two years later numbers had grown so much that we became an R.A.C. Motorsport Club.

At this time I am competing in a Series III Green Machine (not enough power to be mean) in Class 2.


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